If you rely on shipping, delivering or collecting goods for your business, it’s essential to find the right transport partner – one you can trust to best represent your business, as well as provide an efficient service at the best price.

There are some key factors to consider when comparing courier services:

Speed of Delivery

The time it takes to get your goods delivered will be a significant factor when customers are choosing what courier to work with. Typically businesses will want their goods transported in the shortest time possible so efficiency and the right choice of vehicle is key.

Response Rate

Not always, but a large majority of the time, businesses will need to fulfil a consignment at short notice. To achieve this, they will need a courier partner that is quick to respond and find the right solution in the quickest time possible. A courier service that has quick access to a large network of vehicles will be vital to this.

Size and Weight Limitations

Businesses will have very specific size and weight of their goods and this will affect the delivery supplier that they choose. It’s important for a courier to get the right balance of having enough space available whist also keeping wasted space to a minimum as this costs money.

A solution often used by couriers is to consolidate deliveries – this will maximise the space available, reduce time on the road and therefore keep costs down.

Brand Representation

A courier is an extension of your business. Therefore it’s 100% essential that the company you choose to work with understands your brand, your values and represents you appropriately. To the end user, the courier is part of your business so a poor experience can significantly affect your reputation.

At Six-O Transport we always put our customers first and with every consignment, will find the most cost-effective solution and will always fulfil the job with first rate customer service. If you are looking for a courier service that is reliable and efficient, contact us today for a quote.