Groupage deliveries, also known as part-loads or shared shipping, provide many benefits for companies with smaller consignments and limited budgets.

Essentially a groupage delivery is where you are combining smaller shipments together to fill the load for a single delivery.

Why choose Groupage Delivery?

The most significant benefit to groupage deliveries is the cost. Businesses using this method don’t need to hire an entire vehicle for their goods that may only take up a proportion of the available space.

This space can therefore be made available for other companies needing a road haulage service, and the cost be shared amongst them. This makes for a very cost-effective method of road freight.

Another key advantage is the impact on the environment. Combining shipments means one vehicle being used for multiple deliveries, limiting transport routes and the number of large vehicles on the road.

Another reason why businesses choose groupage deliveries is the peace of mind that their shipments are managed by a reputable road haulage company and treated sensitively to ensure they arrive at their destination intact.

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