Of course there are a number of ways that a business may choose to ship their goods. But road transportation holds many advantages over other shipping methods.



Delivering goods by road provides significantly more flexibility for businesses that may need to deliver items with tight deadlines. Road transport also means that any changes with deliveries can be handled without too much disruption such as route changes or timings.


Short distance

We often think of road transport being suited for long distances, but actually one huge advantage is the ability to make smaller, faster, local deliveries.


Door to Door

Transporting goods by road provides the major benefit if being able to deliver door to door, and in turn reduces cost of storage and loading/unloading at other locations.



Road transport enables better access to locations that may be more remote. Delivering to rural locations is often not possible with other transport means such as rail, water or air.


Lower risk of damage

The ease of road transportation significantly reduces the risk of damage to items in transit. Being a door to door service, using road transport means goods are only loaded onto and off the vehicle once, so the risk of damage occurring is far lower.


Savings in packing

Compared to other modes of transport, the requirements for packing items is far less complicated. Items being transported by road will require a lot less packaging compared to rail or air where they will be handled by multiple people at various stages.



Road transport allows items to be delivered quickly, or even immediately. At short notice items can be loaded into a vehicle and be on their way to their destination straight away. Unlike water or rail that has to rely on set schedules and third parties.



The cost of road transportation is comparatively less than other modes of transport for freight. This is down to multiple small savings in areas such as packing, storage or handling charges.


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